2014 Season Calendar

As usual, all meetings are at San Dimas High School.

Dec 11, 2013    First meeting

Jan 10, 2014   Study guides due (not a meeting date)

Jan 15, 2014   Second meeting

Feb 5, 2014   Third meeting

Feb 19, 2014   Fourth meeting

Mar 5, 2014   Make-up meeting #1

Mar 19, 2014   Fifth meeting

Apr 9, 2014  Sixth meeting

Apr 30, 2014  Make-up meeting #2

May 19, 2014   Banquet, Glendora Continental

May 20, 2014   CIF playoffs begin


BANQUET REMINDER: Our banquet date is coming up fast! Monday, May 19 at the Glendora Continental Restaurant. Doors open at 6pm. Buffet-style dinner starts at 6:30. Guest seating is $20. And, oh yeah, it's the last day to get a deal on your 2015 dues.

If you have anything you can donate for our raffle - anything you can't use, like Laker playoff tickets, putters, gift certificates to Hooters, etc. - please bring them along. One man's white elephant is another's ...


2/28/14 Diamond Bar High School Parking Update: Due to construction at the school near the basketball courts, it has been requested that umpires enter the campus using the Brea Canyon Rd side entrance, and park at the raquetball courts. See the map below:

DBHS parking

Click on image for larger view


2/28/14 TOURNAMENT INFO: The Rules for the Diamond Bar Brahma Springfest VARSITY tourney (already in progress) are now available. Click here for the full breakdown, including game schedule. Here's the summary.

1) All games will have a coin toss 30 minutes prior to game time to determine home team.

2) Mercy rule  -  10 runs after 5 innings, 8 runs after 6 innings.

3) Pool play -  1 hour, 20 minutes no new inning.  Drop dead at 1 hour, 35 minutes. Games can end in a tie in pool play.

4) Bracket/consolation play -  1 hour, 50 minutes no new inning.  If game is tied after 7 innings or game timing, one (1) inning of tiebreaker will be played with the runner starting on 3rd base.  If the game is still tied after the one inning of tiebreaker, the umpire will determine the winner with a coin toss.

5) Championship play  -  7 innings, no time limit.  Tied game will have a traditional tiebreaker of last batter of the previous inning running from 2nd base.  Play until you have a winner.


2/26/14 ELECTION NEWS: It's time to vote for your next officers for the association. Elections will be held at our next meeting, on Apr 9. Here's the list of candidates for next year's seats:

Vice President:      JD Lambright          John Lopez          Ed Olvera         Matt Rascon

                          J.D. Lambright       John Lopez           Ed Olvera         Matt Rascon


Secretary-Treasurer:     Will Rojano  decisions, decisions ...

                                    Will Rojano


Board Member At-Large:  TC Castro           Julian Flores         L. Elijah Massey 

                                         T.C. Castro          Julian Flores      L. Elijah Massey


Ethics Council:        TC Castro       Karl Davis       John Lopez       Joe Martinez      Greg Myers       Steven

                                         T.C. Castro              Karl Davis               John Lopez           Joe Martinez             Greg Myers         Steven Raymond


2/20/14 TOURNAMENT INFO: Charter Oak's Frosh tournament is scheduled for Mar 21-22. Here's the info you need for this one:

1) 1:30 no new inning

2) Mercy is 8 runs after 5 innings.


2/19/14 TOURNAMENT INFO: Diamond Bar's JV tournament is scheduled for Mar 21-22. Click here for info regarding this tourney.

The summary of rules for us is as follows:

1) Coin-toss for home.

2) Pre-game batting practice restrictions (go to tournament rules page for details).

3) Bracket play: No new inning after 1:20. Tiebreaker: One inning, started with runner on 3rd. If still tied, game decided by coin toss.

4) "Place" or "Championship" games: Standard 7 innings, no time limit. International tie breaker (runner on 2nd) used beginning with 8th inning.

5) Mercy rule: 10 runs after 5 innings, 8 runs after 6 innings.


2/18/14 TOURNAMENT INFO: Ontario Christian's tournament is scheduled for Mar 20-22. Click here for info regarding this tourney. In includes the list of teams, schedule of games, and tournament playing rules.

The summary of rules for us is as follows:

1) Federeation rules

2) Coin toss for home

3) 1:30 no new inning in all games EXCEPT 3rd place and championship games. No time limit in these two games only.

4) International timebreaker used in all games EXCEPT 3rd place and championship games.

5) Mercy is 8 runs after 5 innings for ALL games.



2/18/14 UPDATE: As tournaments are coming to a close, you should begin to see payments come in soon. Keep in mind that San Dimas and Northview use Ref-Pay. Other tournaments may begin processing game fees after their tournament finals. Be patient, checks should start arriving toward March 26.



2/10/14 UPDATE: The Certification Exam is NOW AVAILABLE. By now you should have received e-mails forom the IC about the exam, and an invitation from Instructure Canvas to register for the test. Here are some things to note when taking the online test:

1) The test MUST be taken online. A printed version of the test is available from the "Season Tests" link in the yellow column to the left. However, you cannot turn in the printed test to receive credit.

2) When you click the link in the e-mail you received from Instructure Canvas (it says, "Click here to get started"), you will be taken to the Instructure Canvas website - it is NOT a part of this website or ArbiterSports. Follow the on-screen instructions to register - it only asks you to provide a password and the time zone you are in (this is the PACIFIC time zone, by the way).

3) Once registered, you will be able to see the "FCSOA Qualifying Test page". Click on the link to "Qualifying Exam 1".

4) The next page will have a blue button labeled "Begin Quiz". Click there to begin the test.

6) The system saves your answers as you enter them. You may "take a break" at any time by simply navigating away from the page (or closing it). When you return, the blue button label should now read "Resume Quiz". You will see checkmarks next to the questions you have already ansered.

7) When you are ready to submit your test for grading, scroll down to the very bottom of the test page. There is a gray button labeled "Submit Quiz". Click there to turn in your test for grading.

8) According to the instructions, you have 3 attempts to pass this test (minimum score of 80 required).

Good luck. If you have any questions about the test, you may contact the IC.



2/9/14 FIELD CLINIC UPDATE: One field clinic has been added - Wednesday Feb 12 at San Dimas High School. The complete list (as of today) is as follows:

Saturday, Feb 8 at Northview High School: 7:45am 8:45am to noon 1pm, OR 11:45am to 4pm

                                                  (I think it's too late for these)

Wednesday, Feb 12 at San Dimas high School: 3:45pm to 8:00pm

Saturday, Feb 22 at Etiwanda High School: 7:45am to noon, OR 11:45am to 4pm

Tuesday, Feb 25 at San Dimas High School: 3:45pm to 8pm

Contact JD Lambright with your choices for TWO of the three available dates and times.



2/7/14 FIELD CLINIC UPDATE: There has been a slight change for the Northview field clinics. The morning session will start at 8:45am. The afternoon session will still start at 11:45am, but have a shortened session of games.



1/30/14 ANNOUNCEMENT: Field clinics are being set up. Be sure to check your e-mail for instructions to sign up. Remember - you need 8 hours of clinic time logged in order to get certified (only 4 hours of which can be done on any one day). Here are the available dates:

Saturday, Feb 8 at Northview High School: 7:45am 8:45am to noon 1pm, OR 11:45am to 4pm

Wednesday, Feb 12 at San Dimas high School: 3:45pm to 8:00pm

Saturday, Feb 22 at Etiwanda High School: 7:45am to noon, OR 11:45am to 4pm

Tuesday, Feb 25 at San Dimas High School: 3:45pm to 8pm

Contact JD Lambright with your choices for TWO of the three available dates and times.



1/28/14 ANNOUNCEMENT: Tournaments are getting set up, and we have received info for the San Dimas JV and varsity tourneys. Click here for the rules and brackets.



12/30/13 ANNOUNCEMENT: The ONLINE study guide is NOW AVAILABLE.

By now you should have received an e-mail from someone named Randy Braze, with a link to the testing site. (It looks like the test will NOT be on ArbiterSports, but rather on another site; one which allows multiple-response questions.) Within the aforementioned email is your login information, including your personal password. If you don't have that e-mail, CONTACT the IC IMMEDIATELY.

This test will shut down at midnight Jan 10. The questions are the same as on the printable (but not submitable) version, and you can save your progress as you go, but you only get to submit it ONE time.

You don't need rule references for this test, but if you don't pass (which means you didn't get at least 80%), then you will need to provide rule references to all the questions you missed, in order to get credit.

Those attending the study guide meeting at Matt's house will get the low-down on how to handle this whole thing.



12/26/13 NEW LINK: Look to the left in the gold column. You will see a new link, called "NFHS Membership," connecting you to the NFHS page where you can register for NFHS membership. Benefits of membership include access to online versions of ALL the rulebooks, casebooks, and officials manuals for ALL high school sports. Check it out!

For more information about NFHS membership benefits, please contact

Kathy Caudill
Database Coordinator



12/19/13 UPDATE: The Study guide meeting at Matt Rascon's house is now FULL. All are welcome, but I can't guarantee food for anyone beyond the dozen who RSVPd (Thanks for doing so).

Ed O., Jess L., John L., Lawrence M., Ron P., Steve R., Gil M., Hal C., Julian F., Luis R., Marc H., Michael H.

(Who am I kidding? I'm sure I'll have enough to feed a few more!)



12/18/13 ANNOUNCEMENT: The Study Guide is Here! Click here to download the study guide in PDF format. REMEMBER: This printed version is only for your personal use. JD is in the process of preparing it for online testing. You must take the study gude test ONLINE (once it's available) to receive credit.

BTW, Matt Rascon's study guide meeting roster is HALF-FULL. Only SIX spots remain.. Be sure to RSVP by clicking here!



12/12/13 ANNOUNCEMENT: Remember - the study guide is due Jan 10. As promised, MATT RASCON will be hosting a study guide meeting at his house on Monday, Dec 30, at 6pm. You'll find his address on the Arbiter. Click here to RSVP by email by Thursday, Dec 26. A BBQ will be provided, but only the first 12 to RSVP get fed.


12/12/13 ANNOUNCEMENT: Honig's will be at the Feb 5 meeting. Take a look at your uniforms and ask this question: "Do I really want to be seen in this?"

12/11/13 ANNOUNCEMENT: The date for the banquet has been changed. It is now scheduled for Wednesday, May 19. No change of location ... still at the Glendora Continental.


Tossing coins: This year we will be getting coins for our tournament games. Info regarding these new coins will be published as soon as it is available.

Meeting agendas: Agendas for each meeting will be posted here the week before each meeting. Be sure to check in regularly, for instructions about what materials you should bring.

Clinics and Scrimmages: All field clinics and Scrimmages will be on Arbiter this year. Some may be available as self-assign events. Stay tuned for more info.

Observations: Forms for this year's observations will be available here as soon as they are finalized.

ASA mechanics clinics: Each umpire is required to have 8 hours of field clinic instruction. This can be obtained through ASA mechanics clinics (one such clinic will be held on December 15, at Sierra Vista Middle School. HOWEVER - eight hours of ASA clinic time will only get you FOUR hours of credit for Federation mechanics instruction. 

Next board meeting: Nov 13, 6pm, at the home of Jim Johnson.



Service area map


Foothill-Citrus Softball Officials' Association

PO box 4543
San Dimas, CA 91773

(951) 323-3733: Will Rojano, Secretary/Treasurer

39013459 : Foothill-Citrus1