3/3/15: Tournament Schedules Adjusted for Rain Delays. San Dimas Tourney is ON TODAY!

The San Dimas Tournament team has been hard at work to reschedule the games delayed by yesterday's rain. The new schedule is ready, and games are on today.

Let's do our part now and make sure these games get covered! Make sure to CHECK ARBITERSPORTS DAILY for updates on games. Getting through this with 100% coverage can only make us look better.

Another note: Online evaluations through ArberSports is now active. Be sure to complete your evaluations after each game.

3/2/15: Rain Delays Start of San Dimas Tournament

The games scheduled for today (Monday 3/2) in the San Dimas tournament have been canceled due to wet field conditions and the chance of more rain.  This includes Lone Hill, Charter Oak, and San Dimas HS.

All the games scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday 3/3) will remain as scheduled and hopefully will be played on schedule.  No changes on assignments on those games.

Today's games will be moved to Wednesday, 3/4.  Please go onto Arbiter tonight and see if your game assignments have changed.  There will be many more changes on Thursday as well.  Checking Arbiter and accepting changes will be pivotal the next few days!!!!!!


Here is the complete list of tournaments and their rules for this year (so far).

Click here for the Charter Oak JV/FS Tourney Rules

Click here for the Charter Oak Varsity Tourney Rules

Click here for the San Dimas Varsity/JV Tourney Rules

Click here for the Upland Varsity/JV Tourney Rules

2/26/15: Possible rain this weekend. What to do.

With the possibility of impending rain coming in on Saturday, please review the following steps to ensure that we have good communication and everyone is on the same page.

Jim Johnson will be OUT OF TOWN on Friday, 2/27 & Saturday, 2/28.

if there are questions about whether your scheduled scrimmage or game(s) are going to be played, please contact the person(s) linked the home site on Arbiter. Try to contact the head coach first on Sat morning if the weather is suspect.  If you can't get them, leave a message and then try to call the AD. Between the two they will know whether they can play or not.  The schools may make a decision on Friday.  If they decide not to play, they should contact you.  However, you can also be preemptive and contact them Friday afternoon to see if a decision has been made.

If they say they are playing and you go to the site but then a decision is made not to play due to field conditions, you will receive credit for the scrimmage signed up for or if it is a game, you will receive a 1/2 game fee for your efforts.  If you begin the game and then conditions warrant a stoppage, wait a reasonable amount of time (15-30 minutes) and if things don't improve, then call the game.  Don't worry about when they will replay the contest or who wins. The AD's will work that out and let me know.  In this instance, if you start the game and can't complete it, you still receive your full game fee. 

Any time you don't finish a full game, please email Jim Johnson with the details so he can follow up with the schools.  If you end a scrimmage contest early, no need to contact Jim. 

Any time you make a decision to stop play or end a game, bring the coaches together and do it as a consensus.  However, if you feel that safety is an issue, make the decision on your own.

Let's hope the weather holds off till Saturday afternoon but let's be ready in case it comes early.

2/20/15 --- It's Tournament Time!

Several tournaments are coming up. To get the rules for each tourney, click below:

Click here for the Charter Oak Varsity Tourney Rules

Click here for the Charter Oak JV/FS Tourney Rules

Click here for the Upland Varsity/JV Tourney Rules

Click here for the San Dimas Varsity/JV Tourney Rules

1/27/15 Announcement: ASA  STUDY GUIDE SESSION

2249  Damien Ave.
La Verne
across from Damien H.S.

  ED O.       909/599-3459 H 

1/22/15 Announcement: Webmaster Applications Now Being Accepted.

As discussed in last night's general meeting, our bylaws currently prohibit a member from holding more than one elected and/or appointed position. This puts our VP/webmaster in a precarious position. Our options are to either amend the bylaws or find a replacement for webmaster.

At this time, the Board is asking for anyone interested in taking over the webmaster's position (which comes with an annual stipend of $300) to submit their interest by e-mail to Will Rojano. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled, or until the bylaws get changed - whichever comes first.

1/15/15 Announcement: First Field Clinic of the Season is on MLK Day!!

Ayala High School is having scrimmages on Monday January 19. We have been invited to use their scrimmages as an opportunity to get some field mechanics training in. This is your opportunity to earn FOUR units of clinic time toward certification. Please contact Jim Johnson to get in on the action. Two times are available: 7:45am and 9:45am.

12/18/14 Announcement: Study Guide Meetings

If you were at tonight's meeting, you heard the subject of study guide meetings come up. As promised, Matt Rascon will have a study guide meeting at his house. Here are the details:

Date: Saturday, Jan 3

Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Place: 391 E. La Verne Ave., Pomona CA 91767

12/14/14 Website Update: Registration forms now available

To help expidite the registration process, please download, complete and bring the following three forms to the general meeting on Dec 18:

Registration Form

Code of Ethics Agreement

No-Show Policy Agreement


Due to a school event scheduled at San Dimas High School on December 11, our first general meeting date has been changed.

Our first general meeting will be Thursday, Dec 18, NOT Dec 11. It will be at San Dimas High School, in the library. Start time is 6:30pm. If you need to take care of registration business (ie, paying your dues), please get there by 6:00pm.

We apologize for the late notice, but we only found out about this conflict yesterday. We appreciate your understanding, and look forward to seeing you on the 18th.



11/20/14 Website update: Now beta-testing a NEW online evaluation form.

In an attempt to improve upon our existing evaluation system, an online form has been developed on this website. If successful, it will replace the evaluation currently on Arbitersports.com. We are asking your help in testing and evaluating this form. Please click here to access the form, and test it out. The more feedback we get, the better we can make this, so please help us out and give the new form a try. Thanks.

11/3/14 Website update: Printable version of Bylaws now available.

Those who want to print a copy of the bylaws may now do so. Click on the "Bylaws" link in the yellow side bar. Within the bylaws page itself is a link to a printable version.

Or, you could just click here.


9/11/14 ANNOUNCEMENT: I.C. and Assignor Positions filled

In yesterday's Board meeting, candidates were interviewed for the assignor's position. Jim Johnson was selected to continue as the assignor. JD Lambright, being the only applicant for IC, was re-appointed during the Aug 27 meeting.


8/31/14 Website Update: Calendar added.

If you look at the yellow bar of links on the left, you will see a new link has been added. This is a calendar of events for the unit. All association events will be put here, including:

  • General meetings
  • Board meetings
  • Field clinics
  • Anything else related to Association business schedules


The Board is now accepting applications for the vacant positions of Instructional Chair and Assignor.

Per the bylaws, the positions of assignor and instructional chair are appointed annually. At this time we invite all members interested in either position to submit their interest, by e-mail, to Will Rojano. All submissions must be received by 10pm on Tuesday, Sep 9. Applicants will be considered for interview (date TBA).


The 2014-15 Board will be having its first meeting on Wednesday, Aug 27, at 7:00pm. It will be held at the home of Matt Rascon, at 391 E. La Verne Ave., Pomona CA 91767.

Per the Bylaws, this is an open meeting. Members are welcome to attend. However, in the interest of fairness, and in order to run efficiently, certain rules must be observed:

1) Only members who have notified the Board in advance of their wish to address the Board will be allowed to speak at this meeting. If time permits, the Board may open the floor to visitors, at the Board's descretion.

2) Issues that pertain to specific person(s) may be discussed in a closed session (known as "executive session"), during which time only those directly related to the issue may be allowed in attendance. Those not directly involved in the issue will be asked to leave during this portion of the meeting.


Thanks to all for another successful season. We appreciate the hard work all our umpires put in to give the kids the best game possible.

Of course, while the CIF softball season may be over, the game continues. Lots of off-season tourneys, summer leagues, and other opportunities to improve and keep up your skills will arise through the summer and fall. We hope everyone takes the opportunity to get in a few games before the 2015 season starts up. As the FCSOA hears of camps, clinics, or other such events, we'll post them here.

Until then ...                                                        



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Foothill-Citrus Softball Officials' Association

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San Dimas, CA 91773

(951) 323-3733: Will Rojano, Secretary/Treasurer

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